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Do you have a question about MassageMyBodyaustralia or how to use our platform? We have gathered some frequently asked questions to help you easily navigate through our website.

How do I find a Massage Therapist?

It’s easy, on the HOME page you can search by entering your suburb or post code (be sure to select the suburb from the drop down box).

On the following page from there, you will be able to Refine your Search by adding additional information that is relative to your needs.

Additional to your current search,  you can choose an Independent or a Business Facility, if you require an Incall or Outcall, the Gender of the Therapist you preferred and lastly the type of Massage you would like.

What do the green ticks, yellow stars and numbers in brackets mean on a Massage Therapists profile picture?
What does the available now green button mean?
How can I see who has the cheapest prices?
Can I write a review for a Massage Therapist?
Do I have to give a lot of details when setting up my own profile?
How can add a Massage Therapist to My Favourites so I can always find them?
Do I need to be an Australian to advertise on MassageMyBodyaustralia?

No you do not. As long as you have the ability to work legally in Australia,  then you are very welcome to provide your services on our website. You will need to provide documents which will include ID.

How much does it cost to advertise on MassageMyBodyaustralia?
Does this advertising rate include GST?
I have created an account and have uploaded all my details. How long does it take to be approved?
Is my profile account active immediately when the MMBa Support Team approves my profile?
If I update information on my profile, will the MMBa Support Team need to approve this before the new information goes live?
If I’m not qualified, can I still advertise my service on MassageMyBodyaustralia?
What website links can I attach in my profile?
How do people book a Massage with me?
What is social media network sharing?
I can’t see my review that a client has posted for me?
Is it possible to hide certain information when offering certain styles of Massage?
How often can I change my advertising plan?
When I pause my account, when does the pause take place?
I have paused my account and want to unpause it? When does the account go back online and when do charges start to apply?
I have resumed my profile but my account still says INACTIVE?
When I make a token purchase, do I need to advise the MMBa Support Team of my payment?
Where do I find an invoice for my advertising payments?
How long does the available NOW button stay live for?
Under settings, within phone display options, there are 3 choices of Web Safe, Clickable and Hidden? What is the difference?